Thursday, October 07, 2004

1,000 Page "No WMD" report released

     From the report

Well, first we didn't find anything.  Then we looked some more, and, well, we didn't find anything again.  Someone suggested we look harder, so we tried that.  Then Dave tripped over something, but it was nothing.  So, we kept looking, and we found... guess what? Nothing again.  Then there was more nothing, some people said mountains of nothing, some people a lot less.  And then someone told me I had to write 1,000 pages about nothing, so I wrote this sentence, just to take up space.  Then they said if it was very, very long, people would think it was about something, even if it isn't.  So that's basically why I wrote that sentence.  I was hoping I could use a bigger font, but they said no.  I have to use this one.  So I did.  I hope they don't notice the margins.
and on and on for another 1,000 pages.

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