Friday, October 08, 2004

Proving the Conspiracy
     It is kinda tough, isn't it?  Well, I found some, well, evidence.  The "Name the October Surprise" contest is being sponsored by Mark Green.  Mr. Green was New York City's first, and only real (screw Gotbaum) Public Advocate, second in line to become Mayor in case of death or incapacitation.  Mr. Green ran for Mayor against Mike "That's Better Than A Blowjob" Bloomberg, the Billionaire who has been a Republican since the Democrats wouldn't let him run.

     Anywho, as you can easily imagine, Mr. Green's "Name the October Surprise" contest was a bit of an embarassment to BushCo.  On the one hand, sure, it is just a website, no one will notice.  However, as many bloggers have noted (e.g. Oliver Willis) GOP strategic svengali, Karl Rove, is planning surprises.  Could an agent of Rove's win the contest, trying to collect from both sides?  Could someone guess, and therefore prove that Rove wasn't as imaginative as he'd thought?  Could a correct contest entry somehow lead to a post-surprise investigation?

     In order to help fight this menace, they invented October Surprise blog, which now is first on Google if you try "October Surprise."  The new website studiously avoids mentioning George Herbert Walker Bush's and Ronald Wilson Reagan's treasonous deal with the Iranians, to keep the hostages until after the election of 1980.

     Although the website is pretty well done, the person responsible for the "concept & content", Camron Assadi, has no home page of their own, just a blank template.  The person who did the "Web Design & Development" has some lefty work on their website, but it is lacking any contact info, which seems odd, since it is allegedly trying to attract business.

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