Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Policing Our Own

     Who would you want writing up the official version of a lefty scandal... FOX and the Wall St. Journal, or someone like the Nation?  We can all assume that FOX/WSJ wouldn't even bother to print most of the left's side of the story, but will the left go after the perpetrators hard enough, or will the risk of damaging their own political fortunes (in the face of rampant corruption, uninvestigated, on the other side) mellow their tone?  Well, I found this nice non-news/news aggregator yesterday.  I'm sad, since there is so much to read there.  One of the people writing there is Jason Leopold, who I also know from CounterPunch, which has this article on Terry McAuliffe today.  Shady deals.  Here's a quote that surprised me.  I only vaguely know the name Coelho.  I'm not particularly old, nor young.

More than anyone, Coelho laid the foundations for the Democratic Party's open courting of big business.

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