Thursday, October 28, 2004

Taking Your Head and Shoving It Up: On Lyndon LaRouche

     Dave Niewert, over at the well-read Orcinus blog, was talking about conspiracy theories, after having been labelled such a person, and also after having been labelled a LaRouchie.

    Lyndon LaRouche is one of the more interesting people who always runs for President.  I find the very idea of John Hagelin and the Transcendental Meditation types over at the Natural Law Party to be boring.  LaRouche, however, thinks everything revolves around intelligence and covert ops.  For example, his magazines (American Almanac, Executive Intelligence Review, the New Federalist, the Campaigner) have published articles arguing that the black plague was caused by bankers, we are all ruled by a 500 year old Venetian banking conspiracy, and has regularly posted the works of the "renowned" Webster Tarpley.

     No one is more expert at taking a million facts, wrapping them all up together and getting the wrong conclusion than LaRouche.  One of my favorite is called Wall St. Meets Tobacco Road.  I can't even pick a section to quote from, it's all so droolingly steamy, but I think everyone would be enlightened by A Bit of Texas History.

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