Sunday, October 17, 2004

Stupidest Presidents

     Is Bush the stupidest President ever?  Quite possibly.  I'll argue he's certainly the stupidest since President Truman.  I've heard Pendergast said he could get "anyone" elected Senator, and picked Truman to prove it.  From this random link:

Truman was not always a great judge of character. He was associated with political boss Tom Pendergast (and was initially know as "the Senator from Pendergast"). Truman also misjudged Stalin, saying of him after their meeting at Potsdam, "He seemed a man you could do business with."
    This next link is from an American expat in Japan, John Barry Kotch, writing for the Japan Times, and is all about Truman forcing on-time elections in Korea in 1948.  It is an interesting peice for me, just because I had never heard about these elections.

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