Monday, October 11, 2004

New, Improved Spelling!

     The CIA bastiches supposedly protect "sources and methods."  Now, I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but the CIA is flat out sitting on one peice of evidence which would really embarass Bush, even though it is the least tarnished of any Iraqi source.

     In the Duelfer report, they concoct a new spelling for the man's name.  That's to throw one off the scent.  If you really want to learn some weird shit about Iraq, google "Hussein Kamel."  In the Duelfer report, they spell it Husayn Kamil.  It's Saddam Hussein al-Majid's son-in-law, and the director of Iraq's Military Industrialization Corporation(MIC), in charge of Iraq's weapons programme.

     Now, as I said, the CIA is legally allowed to keep things secret if they protect sources or methods.  However, Gen. Husayn Kamil is dead, killed by Uday Hussein, Saddam's son.  Therefore, by no possible stretch of the imagination is Gen. Kamil a source that needs protecting.  Now to the method.  What method did the CIA use to gather information from Gen. Kamil?  Kamil defected and volunteered interviews with the UN, the US and the UK.  By anyone's reckoning, is volunteering information a secret method?  No, in fact, it wasn't really a "method" at all, just a voluntary interview.

  I can only suppose that President Clinton kept this secret from America also.  At least, DCI George Tenet did keep this secret.

  To help confuse you, Mr. Duelfer will respell his name from now on.

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