Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Blogging the Third Debate

     Kerry has won.  It would be like asking, who would win a horse race, a race horse, in perfect health, or a George Walker Bush?

Question 1: Will we ever be as safe again? Kerry restates his earlier debates, then goes macho.  Bush claims Afghanistan is a success, the proof.  Kerry's rebut mentions OBL, Bush said it had been "one of those exaggerations" to say he wasn't important now.

Question 2: The flu. Bush points the finger at a British firm, puts his faith in Canada. He didn't get a flu shot, and suggests that the young and healthy don't, either. Kerry makes it about health insurance. Bush says Kerry's complaints aren't a plan.

Question 3: How will it all get paid for, isn't the price of everything going up?  Note, inflation is very low.  Kerry talks about Pay-Go, and the fiscal irresponsibility of the curretn administration.  Bush cracks wise, repeats numerous old fibs.

Question 4: How do you explain outsourcing to the outsourced?  "I'm growing the economy" and here, go get an education.  Kerry cracks vicious.  Notes Bush has cut Perkins and other loans for students.

Question 5: Can one blame the administration for job losses?  Kerry says of course not.  Brings up shutting outsourcing loopholes again.  Promises a "level playing field."  Honestly, that is still a strategy that is great for the wealthy.  Notes Airbus violations, and fair trade playing field.  Bush says they've increased Pell grants by a million students.  Kerry notes that they are all getting less now, and more are getting it because there are more poor people in America.  Bush totally interrupts.

missed a few

Schieffer shows his huge pro-Bush bias when emphasizing the price of Kerry's health care plan, calling it "massive." What is massive in terms of budgets.  Kerry notes that two major news organizations have called Bush wrong, one calling his description "fiction" and another "untrue." And yet, Schieffer-scum calls it "massive." Explains its details, boring. : Note: Boring is good!  What wouldn't you have given for President Gore today?  Bush impugns all news organizations, a stab at the CBS fiasco.  Bush seems to be wanting to prop up the uniquely American system of employer-provided health care, calling our system the "envy of the world."  If you are rich, sure!  A poor person in America would be healthier in Cuba.

Question A+1: Where does the Social Security money come from?  Bush cites the rigged committee that looked into Social Security, but it only was allowed to suggest privatization schemes.  Kerry calls privatization schemes a recipe for disaster.  WaPo apparently says Bush has already promised 3 trillion in goodies at the RepubNat'lConvention, and the privatization gap costs another 2 trillion. 

Question A+2: What about your plan, Senator Kerry?  Kerry notes that the top-1% tax cut cost more than the Social Security gap till 2075.  Bush says that "most" of the tax cuts went to the Middle and Lower income people, a flat out lie.  Bush dissembles on the stock market fall.

Question A+3: Immigration.  Bush likes this question, which probably explains why Schieffer got so many questions.  He says he is against Amnesties, but he was _for_ Amnesties before.  Good for him?

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