Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What Have I Been Doing?

     Well, I try to get all sides of an argument.  Otherwise, it isn't really an argument.  Now, reading the psychopaths+/-morons over at TownHall, WorldNetDaily or NewsMax isn't really my cup of tea, but I do it.  Maybe every month or so.  I tend to follow the religio-political bloggers, like Marvin Olasky, much more seriously.  There is no god, so I am most interested in how this imaginary super-being is being used/mis-used by the humans who have a say in the matter.  There is also, for the fearless in the face of the non-Almighty, the Envangelical Aggregator.  For those just interested in news stories that cover any religion, and these people have a more sophisticated sense about them, there is Religion News Blog.

     Well, one of the real (National Review, Weekly Standard, Al-Qaeda=Terrorists=Saddam) nutters is Hugh Hewitt.  However, he has hit on an idea that I think other people who like to think "meta" have missed.  Namely, what he calls Symposia.  It's a bad name, since there is little-or-no give-or-take, but I bet Joi Ito, who is a savvy technobabbler, would like the idea.

     What have I been doing?  I've been going to all the blogs listed here, and commented, where possible, trying to debunk their mysterious, and always misinformed notions about why Bush would make a good crackhead, I mean President.

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