Saturday, October 09, 2004

FUCK John O'Neill

     Fuck him hard.

     I went back and recorded all the different FIRST PERSON accounts of the events back in 1968-69, which John O'Neill LIES AND LIES AND LIES about, and he was never there. PCF-23 skippered by William Rood, PCF-43 skippered by Dan Droz(deceased), PCF-51 skippered by Larry Thurlow, PCF-94 skippered by John Kerry.  There were five boats on the river, three of which were near the action in question.  All told, there were 18 men who could have seen what happened, and at least one of the men has since passed away.

William RoodNewspaper EditorPCF-23August 22nd
RassmannPolice OfficerPCF-94?May 20th
Larry Clayton LeeInsurance Company Senior ProgrammerPCF-23August 26th
Runyon  August 20th
Zaladoni  August 20th
Russ LambertCareer MilitaryPCF-51Aug 26
Wayne LanghoferGunpowder Plant EmployeePCF-43August 21st
Jim RussellLodge OwnerBoat BehindAugust 24th

Widow of Officer Droz

Others there that day: Benjamin Cueva, Kenneth Martin, Jerry Leeds, Larry Thurlow.

Other Info:Courdier and Gallanti Called Liars by POW Held With Them, Falsely Use Another Vet For Smear and more.

Alfred French signs false affadavit:Links between GOP and Swift Boat Veterans

Many, many thanks to The Daily Howler.

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