Monday, October 18, 2004

The Supreme Rationality At Work, or, Middle Eastern Update

     Sopme stuff from the Middle East.  All from friends or family of the more famous Iraqi blogger known as Salam Pax

  • Can anyone explain to me why noone but Iraqis will be allowed to attend Iraqi Universities.  Apparently, this friend of the Iraqi blogger Salam Pax emigrated to Iraq when he was a child, but now has to attend a foreign University, thanks to the Ministry of Higher Education.  Go, Higher Ed, Go!  This is supremely rational!
  • Salam's Mom teaches Arabic
  • Khalid Jarrar reports on goings on at the family home.  A sad state of explosive affairs
  • Rafah has some pictures from Palestine
  • This space left for a lefty type who was very interested in Palestine, but I forgot the link for now.  He was in the area just a month ago.  I've actually met quite a few.

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