Wednesday, October 06, 2004

A Small Request

     It's just a few days till Australians go to the polls.  Their conservatives, called the Liberal Party, have been in charge since 1998.  Their Prime Minister, John Howard, sent Australians off to fight in Iraq, peddling the same exact lies that the Bush administration sold Americans.  Far worse than in the US, Rupert Murdoch basically runs the Australian media.  Their radio is worse than Clear Channel all the time.

     So, please do me a favor, and check out an Australian political website.

     I know, you can't vote there, but you probably already know a bit about England's system, and the US/UK (You Suck?) alliance was definitely given a ringing endorsement by the douche, John Howard.

     You might also learn about Australian's voting system, called the Single Transferable Vote, which is one step up from Instant Runoff Voting, but still not full Condorcet.

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