Thursday, October 07, 2004

Why do I blog?

     Obviously, so people like me.  But beyond that, there is the fact that the regular press corps are a pathetic group of ignoramii or liars, I often can't tell which, and Democrats (OK, and Republicans) mostly have spines of a certain gelatinous product.  I was for Dean, certainly.  And I still think he had the best chance to beat Bush, until the press decided to fuck him in the ass.

     Today, however, John Forbes Kerry said

[T]he president of the United States and the vice president of the United States may well be the last two people on the planet who won't face the truth about Iraq.
     Today, I could stop blogging.  That's the kind of statement I have been needing to hear.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I am not actually going to stop.  But, at least I know we aren't going to have another jellyfish play the part.  The media will still lie, lie and lie about Kerry.  He is going to be attacked incessantly should he win.  But, hopefully, he will just tell the truth when asked, and act responsibly when given the authority.  Covered widely, here is the Reuters link.

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