Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Another Rat or Two

     Covered in the foreign press (Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey, and India) and a couple non-mainstream US sources (Bloomberg, and loony Sierra Times) is the news that the Deputy head of the Iraqi "Interim" Parliament (#2 to Iyad Allawi in that body), Nasser (or Naseer, or Nasir) Ayef, has been arrested in his home.  One member of this man's Sunni Islamic Party quit the government over the invasion of Fallujah last week.

     If you thought Colin Powell was the moderate, then you will likely really miss Richard Armitage, his number two, even more.  It was simply Armitage's candor that I appreciated.

     I'm initiating a new procedure here at Remain Calm.  The link to read will be in red, not orange.

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