Monday, November 08, 2004

The Moral War, Fought by Moral Troops

     And I have a bridge, it goes to Brooklyn, to sell you.  From Murdoch's The Australian

Mr Allawi said: "You need to avenge the victims of the terrorists like the 37 children who were killed in Baghdad and the 49 of your colleagues who were slaughtered." One soldier replied: "Yes, we will slaughter them like sheep."

     And over in LoonyLand, Joseph Farrah's WorldNut Daily has this short example of responsive reading in the new Iraq

"May they go to hell!" the soldiers shouted, and Allawi replied: "To hell they will go."

     Oh, I'm proud to be an American/Where at least I know I'm Free/To bomb any nation I want/And prop up thugs there just like me/So I'll stand up/Or get some poor kid/To stand up and fight for me/Oh I'm proud to be an American/God Bless Executive Pay

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