Monday, November 15, 2004

I Repeat

     George Lakoff may be a good linguist, but he doesn't know politics.  Of course, if you change the name of the Estate Tax to the Kill-Little-Kittens-For-Child-Molesters Fund, then people will be more against it.

     These facts, all combined, are not, however, the basis of a political theory.  There is a proper name for things, and all that Lakoffian thinking can get a person is a new, smarmy name for the Estate Tax that makes it sound less bad,e.g. the Inheritors Tax.

     This would almost imply that whatever tax gets the neatest name stays highest.  Rather than play stupid fuck-fuck games with language, why don't prospective Presidential candidates explain why they feel taxes should be at the levels they are.  No one is obligated to use stupid fuck-fuck terms invented by some Luntz-style push-poll.

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