Monday, November 29, 2004

A Guardian Failure

     The Guardian, London's leftist newspaper, can go over the top.  To an American familiar with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, the Guardian usually seems very mild.  However, they can, in fact, be part of the problem, at least, author Timothy Garton Ash can be...

Had the Democrats fielded a better candidate more folksy, more appealing in the south they might have won. Putting up a millionaire Boston brahmin was rather like the Tories proposing an Old Etonian stockbroker for prime minister. As Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair has observed, one lesson is simply that Democrats should start the hunt for a man with a drawl and a farm, who looks like a regular guy and plays ball in the yard.

     For comparison, let's look at how the military junta ruled over Japan in the 13th century...

They appeared to prefer their princes young, pink and simple: most late-Kamakura[Junta] Tenno[Emperors] were between four and puberty when enthroned. This state of affairs served the Kanto[the Capital] authorities admirably, assuring there was always: a) a political incompetent on the throne; b) an endless torrent of invidious intelligence on the in-crowd's activities from the idling out's; and c) a plethora of retired Tenno around (sometimes as many as five) intriguing against, tripping over and generally exhausting each other.

     I believe that, between the CIA and Defense, there is jostling for real control of the country.  I know that Eisenhower wrote, in his diaries, that he was afraid that Kennedy wouldn't be able to say "No" to the CIA and their harebrained schemes (Bay of Pigs started about 6 months after Kennedy became President).  I doubt any but the most assured person could say no to both the CIA and DoD, when they were wrong.


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