Sunday, November 14, 2004

Finding Out Inside Iraq

     This Iraqi wanted to find out why people were fighting in Fallujah... back in April.  The reasons are disturbing, but the solutions become clearer...

  1. We are fighting to get money we are without work without salary we spend our life to served Saddam we worked with him and now we can't live without money so we are fight for money.
  2. there are many members from the Saddam's intelligent[s agency] and terrorists pay the money to push the people to fight and kill any one reject the fight.
  3. Many people from the Filuja City fight retaliation because they losing them kinsfolk in the war.
  4. There are many terrorists " Ben Laden's fellows from other countries" in the Filuja city always tries to make argument between Iraqi people and USA.

     Track down the intelligence agents.

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