Saturday, November 20, 2004

Old Reliable

     For as surely as the sun doth shine, the Israeli Defense Force will contain people who lie about their Arab neighbors.  Now, not every General in Israel is insane, but the National Symbol, the Invisible Sky Fairy, has an even stranger effect on Israeli policy than it does here.  More on Falwell in a moment, but first, shredding this little peice of scaremongering from the WSJ/FOX-alike Jerusalem Post.  it starts with this yellow journalism style lead-in

The IDF believes that Iran is running a secret nuclear weapons program in parallel to the one it had agreed this week to temporarily suspend.

     The article actually goes on to quote only unnameds sources, at least one of whom is in the IDF, but that's just the beginning, and it leads one to believe the IDF believes this.  Next...

"Without a more determined stance by the West against Iran, they will reach a point of no return within six months," said a senior officer. From then it would take another 18 to 24 months to produce a nuclear bomb, they added.

     In the reality where I exist, any country can stop or start a nuclear progam quite easily, but not in the mind of this unnamed IDF Officer.  To this person, even though it will be two years before Iran might be done, they will be too far in six months.  What's the official "point of no return" in nuclear arms production?  I guess it's the point after which rumor mongering articles like this become State policy, but I could be mistaken.  Next we have...

"The Iranians have a 'declared' secret program which they have agreed to temporarily suspend," said one senior Israeli officer. "But they also have a 'secret' secret program. The agreement with the Europeans is not touching this program. Furthermore, it is our understanding that the suspension is only temporary and partial."

     Do the Iranians have a "declared" nuclear weapons program of any sort?  No, they have an enrichment program for civilian reactors, according to their word.  Should we take them at their word?  Well, they do allow inspectors in, and the inspectors have found ZERO traces of U-236 or U-238, both which would be produced if they were enriching uranium for bombs.  There was one swab of U-235 found, and Russia explained that away.  Is Russia going to lie to cover Iran's ass?  Doubtful.  Let's see where this lying war-job gets us next...

The military sources declined to give details about their knowledge of Iran's parallel program.

     That speaks for itself, now doesn't it?

     Oh, and concerning Jerry Falwell, he's decided the Moral Majority wasn't enough, so he is going to start the Faith & Values Coalition.  Number four on their list of priorities, according to reports, is backing Israel.  That's after "pro-life," "pro-family," and "fiscal conservatism."  WAR!  WAR!  WAR!

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