Monday, November 08, 2004

Vengeance Will Be Ours!

     Oh, and it goes so well.  From SBS, an Australian paper, we have some minor updates in the battle.

There are reports that US soldiers burst into the notorious Jolan district in the northwest of the city with a volley of heavy gunfire. A marine officer told Agence France Press that a separate unit also took control of Fallujah's train station in the northeast. Inside the battle-scarred city missiles rained down indiscriminately, with the action most intense in the Askari district in the northeast and Jughaitha in the north, another AFP correspondent said.

     The Jolan district is obviously notorious for what we did there this last May.

     But wait a second, my intelligent readers ask, what of the train station?  Should we be patting ourselves on the backs for that?  Of course we should, if Curious George is running the campaign.  Take a look at this unclassified, military map of Fallujah.  The town has two obvious borders, the river to the west, and the train tracks to the north.  Only a fool wouldn't have secured the tracks before the invasion started.  It's a natural border, and the tracks, likely raised at least a little, provide some cover.  Similarly, there are no apparent roads that cross the tracks, since no one wants people having some pedestrian excuse for crossing battle lines, this is another plus.

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