Monday, November 15, 2004

Rats... Ship... Sinking

     There are 21 cabinet, or cabinet-level positions in the White House.  Before now, Whitman in EPA, Daniels in OMB, O'Neill at Treasury have resigned.  Now, since election day, Powell at State, Ashcroft at Justice, Paige at Ed, Veneman at Ag, and Abraham in Energy are announcing resignations.  I don't remember Bush campaigning on a promise to clean up Washington...

     One early guess to replace Powell will be born-again Nutso John Danforth, who is currently Bush's pick for UN Ambassador, and formerly a Senator of the State most known for its international flair, Missouri.

     UPDATE: I forgot Evans at Commerce. Sorry!  Obviously, Danforth didn't get it, Rice did.  It's interesting to note that Bush is going inwards for talent, not outwards.  He isn't finding anyone new, just the same old people who made the same old mistakes, and will likely continue to do so.

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