Saturday, November 13, 2004

Your Source for Internet-Gleaned Fallujah News

     In no particular order

  • Mission Accomplished: Yes, it's true, according to the Iraqi National Security Advisor
  • Units Leave Fallujah for Mosul: Which has fallen into insurgent hands.
  • President Bush says we are 80% done in Fallujah: Also pleased with the pace of sewing/training.  I guess he hasn't been inspecting the Presidential Daily Briefs and missed "In some cases, the only 'training' required of new policemen was that they wear a uniform."  This joke intentionally left unwritten.
  • Marine Major: "I have no idea": When will the battle be over, and reconstruction begin?  Don't ask the people fighting.  Fears Zarqawi (the whole excuse for the recent round of killing) may have slipped out under a women's burqa, and none of us thought of that before, and the Marines have never checked under Burqas of fleeing Fallujans.  These are not the Burqa clas insurgents you are looking for.
  • Aerial bombardment of Mosques and Tunnels: We all know how those crafty, crafty tunnels can avoid less expensive ground-based attacks.  The profit margin is much higher in aerial bombs, and we all know the business of America (now, we do). 
  • Photoplay: Marines Showing Respect for Islam: Tip to Under The Same Sun (yes, I read it)
  • Photoplay: New Uses For Tape: Iraqis, unfamiliar to darkness, living near the Equator where the sun always shines, get lessons from US forces.

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