Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Stan Goff vs Neo-Cons, Neo-Cons Allied With Islamists

     I respect Stan, even when he's wrong.  Not that he's been wrong lately, it's just that when I read his book, Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the US Invasion of Haiti, published by Soft Skull Press, I found he overemphasized racism as a part of US foreign policy.  Apparently, he's over that, and has moved to peak oil.  At least, unlike every other peak oil discussion I've ever been privy too, Stan comes off like a man who knows.  The article is in three parts. 1) Oh shit, I'm unprepared to debate a credentialed neo-con 2) My prepared opening remarks for the neo-con, and 3) What a pathetic debate that was, the neo-con was basically ignorant.

     Speaking of ignorance, let's face it, if you think the American or Australian media are bad, then you wouldn't have liked living in Saddam's Iraq, now would you?  For the record, the official penalty for reading a non-State run newspaper was death.  So... when there are certain blogs, like Iraq the Model are all cheery about things like the new declared State of Emergency or whoop about a letter, signed by over 1,000 Iraqis congratulating Bush on his re-election one begins wondering this guy is coming from, it's hard to believe he's really in Iraq (although this post makes me think Mohammed is in Iraq, but Omar, who does all the posts doesn't seem to be.).  On to the point.  He is published a letter from Sawt al-Iraq. The website is, but in Arabic-only. I checked online and found that Sawt al-Iraq is the European voice of the Daawa Party, who want to bring Theocracy to Iraq!  They are funded from Iran.  All the little green idiot-like neo-cons love Iraq the Model because he is so gung-ho for the Americans.  Are we laughing?  Check out the advert at the bottom of this page.  It says 20,000,000 hits Per Month/100,000 Unique Visitors (I guess they all come 200 times per month).  But then check out the sitemeter. Less than 9 million hits in the last two years. 

     So, there you have it ignorant neo-cons with credentials fighting the dumb fight, and ignorant neo-cons on the web, supporting the Islamists.  Maybe the rumors about theocratic Bush are truer than they seem.  For the record, I've always thought the neo-cons were making simplistic arguments.  And, for the record, I've always disliked Iraq the Model.  And I've always disliked Theocracy.  And Bush, always disliked him. 

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