Thursday, November 11, 2004


     Remember, before the bombing of Fallujah, the promise that if the Fallujans would hand over Zarqawi the seige would be unnecessary?

     Well, now, with 600 Fallujans dead, and an acknowledgement from the military that there is no end to the insurgency in sight, one might ask, where is Zarqawi?

     I don't think the US military can prove Zarqawi isn't in Fallujah.  As a representative of a large alien attack force, I would have to say that they would have to turn over Zarqawi if they aren't to be invaded.  For the record, I represent no alien military that can come down and crush the American violence in Iraq. 

     Americans are not destroying WMD in Iraq, and Saddam was invaded for not destroying those same WMD.  Fallujans wouldn't hand over Zarqawi, and so were invaded, and now the Americans, in charge, if not imminently in charge of Fallujah, will not hand over Zarqawi.

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