Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Defeating American Hezbollah

     The Party of Logic, the party of Reason, the party of Rationality, lost this year.  I've been checking Bartholemew's Notes on Religion blog for a week or so now, nothing bad yet.  His "blogroll" included links I checked today, which were a mixed bag (yes, you must be interesting and have good taste, all the while being contemporary and wearing a tuxedo), but I found this entry of Religion&Society blog to be just what I needed to know.  It links to this particularly trenchant peice by Amy Sullivan on the Sojourners website.  Sojourners, if they don't mind me saying, were early 70s' anti-war Christians who did the commune thing in inner-city Washington, DC.  As the current premiere (to the best of my knowledge) pretender to the title of Anti-Christ, I consider it a must-read.

UPDATE:This, from the GadFlyer, is good, too.  It explains how abortions fell under Clinton, rose under Bush, and that Bush policies increase abortions because of their economic impacts.  Based on the research of a Seminarian named Stassen.

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