Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Decorum Notes

     Being a shining beacon for my millions of off-world, and dozens of terrestrial readers is pretty easy, really.  I'll try to be kind.  There are two types of stories which exist, which one should not bring up.  The first has been seen around lately, and that concerns the comments of a particular lawyer at a particular faux-women's group who said moderate Republicans should switch to become Democrats.  Now, I'm fine with that outcome, but, facing facts, under what other circumstances would this loony get quoted by people of refined sensibilities?  I claim the answer to that question is synonymous with nil.  Didn't you all notice that the Iraq WMD claims were on thin ice when all these supposedly-staid-and-conservative GOP leaders started quoting their nemesis, President Clinton?

     Another set of stories, found on a particular weblog, includes details of the sex lives of prominent officials of a particularly prudish political party.  Now, secretly, inside, each of us can feel any way we want to about this, but, really, isn't this sort of rumor-mongering the antithesis of a reasonable political process?  If the greatest public administrator in IRS history likes dirty coffee, are we suggesting he shouldn't serve?  Did these characters, whose behavior isn't matched by their party's platform, actually say the prudish things?  Please consider these facts.  And ask yourselves, what if I choose you to serve?

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