Monday, November 08, 2004

Our Forces Are Unstoppable! Blitzkrieg to Victory!

     Do you know what a Bloomberg is?  For about $1500/month, about the mortgage on a $600,000 home, you can get access to really high quality data on bonds, stocks, news, et cetera.  The Vatican has one.  Mike Bloomberg, founder of the company and billionaire, is now Mayor of New York City.  His favorite saying is "That's Better than a Blow Job."  He's a Republican.  After my office was destroyed on September 11th (building sheered off ten feet from my desk) I worked from my apartment for a couple weeks, then I worked in a Bloomberg company warehouse that he had retrofitted into office space.  He supplied hundreds of desks and computers there for near free to companies effected by 9/11. He also gave everyone there free access to the Bloomberg system.  I liked it.  I would, occasionally, write the authors of peices, and they would then update the news.  I didn't get any credit, but I felt like I was doing good.

     Apparently, however, someone at isn't up on their WWII history of the Blitzkrieg, which means Lightning War

`Lightning' Attack About 200,000 residents have already fled the city of 300,000 people, Allawi said. He also declared a ban on weapons in Fallujah, a shutdown of non-essential services, and the closure of highways leading to the city for all but emergency vehicles and those authorized by the government. [...] "Fallujah itself is encircled with checkpoints and with troops," said U.S. Marine spokesman Major Francis Piccoli in a satellite phone interview from outside Fallujah. "I'm convinced that if we enter the city proper, it's going to be fast, it's going to be lightning, we will overwhelm the insurgents.''

     I hear the truth is that Hitler's Blitzkrieg was not, in fact, responsible for the defeat of France, and that Germany's troops, although succesful, did not travel faster than the Infantryman's gait.  However, I can't find a link.

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