Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Our Most Noble Allies

     Fucking oil theives.  Jack Straw, British Foreign Secretary, admits to knowing of the coup against newly-oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, and doing nothing about it.  In the same story, a Nick du Toit says there was no coup, and he was tortured into making a confession.  Mark Thatcher, son of Prime Minister Margaret "Fuck me for $300 million in SDI contracts" Thatcher, is fighting extradition to E. Guinea.

     Meanwhile, South Africa has convicted three of its own in the plot, foiled by Zimbabwe's Mugabe.  How many coup attempts has Bush stopped?  Just asking.

     Strangely reliable Chinese News Agency Xinhua says

This is a serious cross-border criminal case, which involves countries including South Africa, Britain, Spain and Armenia, General Attorney Jose Olo Obono was quoted by local media as saying.

     South Africa's Independent Online must translate to Craven Online in Afrikaans.  They are calling du Toit's change of plea "spectacular."  He is facing the death penalty, the UK Foreign Secretary admits to knowing about the plot, and he is a professional arms dealer with the evidence before him... and it's "spectacular" that he is alleging his confession was coerced?  Spectacular must mean predictable in Afrikaans.  Did some of you think arms dealers were the guys who died with Honor?  Just asking.

     Always-on-their-knees CNN doesn't even mention Straw's admission, same as Independent Online above.  Upon further reading, it turns the word "spectacular" is a direct quote from du Toit's lawyer.  That is as fair and balanced as any tea drinker(=civilized person) can expect.

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