Saturday, January 31, 2004

Bush, Corruption
Who purged the Florida voters? Who removed 10s of thousands of innocent people from the Florida voting rolls before the 2000 election, while only managing to remove a few hundred actual felons (a 95% failure rate)? Why, ChoicePoint, of Alpharetta. Who did the President decided in his infitinite wisdom to put in charge of the background checks for the 10s of thousands of new Transport Security Agency screeners? Why, ChoicePoint, of Alpharetta. Who allowed almost 2,000 people with bad records to get hired for airline security? Why, sleazeball, shit-eaters ChoicePoint, of Alpharetta. Thanks to C-SPAN for mentiong the AJC article on Choice Point. I'm rarely kind to Pedro, I doubt that will ever change, but he did alert me to that story. The best way to say this is that the same people the Bush's hired to disallow innocent people from voting was used to allow criminals to do airport security. Fucking Fun With Safety!

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