Sunday, January 18, 2004

C-SPAN turns South
Today C-SPAN was bashing Dean. Steve, Steve who thinks he is so cute, having lunch with the Fox guys. No one has my views, it's true, but Steve, C-SPAN host, reading two pathetic stories from the media, that was just pathetic! What's the worst part of political reporting? When they make big issues out of crap. Who likes to make big issues out of crap? Crap-throwers like the political media, who all have some beliefs which match, however vaguely, with some person or faction in politics. Like me, for instance, who seems attached to Dean. What's crap reporting? Reporting on politician's clothes, unless particularly outlandish or stylish, seems out of order. So what if some candidates weren't born with a silver spoon up their nose and happens to buy the same shoes as former Iraqi Saddam "No-WMD" Hussein, from a particular Italian shoemaker. Today, "Slick" Steve read to the C-SPAN audience a story about the clothes Dean wears, and then he read another story about clothing Clark is selling. That's right folks, two stories on clothes, but look who was the brunt? Dean wears one suit, has to be guarded from stains, while people are going to be bidding for Clark's clothes, isn't that internet-savvy of him? Fuck you, Steve, and I mean that. Who runs

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