Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Imus Is In On It
Who gets beat easiest by Bush? John Kerry. Why? A New England Liberal Taxachusetts, buddy of Ted Kennedy, 18 year Senator who, when push came to shove, voted with the President on the war and the horrid anti-terrorism act drafted after September 11th. This means that the President can simply say "He may dislike the war, but when presented with the same evidence as I had, he was for it." Today, to the utter horror of one of his seconds, Imus announced he might vote for Kerry. The second declared that his loyalty to Bush had been rock solid just days before, and how could this be? Well, it's after Iowa, the general explanation emerged. But is it true? Would Imus really vote for Kerry over Bush? Could any candidate be found with less in common with the ruling Oilocracy than Kerry? I don't know, but my guess is not that Imus, a non-stop shill for the status quo, actually sees Kerry as a candidate. Maybe the Viet Nam thing really works for him. Maybe he's being honest. It just didn't seem that way to me. I'm sceptical of my own conclusion here, but maybe Rove did calculate Dean would beat Bush, so the GOP started pushing Kerry, sadly, what they didn't realize, is that anyone beats Bush, and they moved the Presidency to the left, if they are succesful (which they undoubtedly will be?) in moving the Democrats from Dean to Kerry.

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