Sunday, January 04, 2004

They aren't talking about it!
I've been watching, or sometimes half-watching, the Demcorat Debate going on now in Iowa. Braun was sounding good (whoops, she just said the job loss was 6 mill, not 3). The rest fought a lot. But none of them talked about cutting defense spending. We are planning to spend 2.5 Trillion dollars on the JSF (the new one, the F-22 went on without the JSF title, it's now the F-33). We are planning a new round of aircraft carriers, and the first one of the new type to be rolled out in 2013. I would (perhaps) increase R&D but decrease prototyping and push back the roll out We keep our Nuclear ("boomer") subs in the Oceans like Total Nuclear War is close to imminent (reduce "optempo" (8 from 14 per batch)) FInally cancel the Osprey (all the danger of a Helicopter in a Plane! Paratroopers Union Says No! j/k) Is the Crusader canned for good? I've got an idea for transforming the tech (less of a total loss?) Base cafeteria nutrition analysis! OMG. They feed our boys crap, I swear, it's crap. I'm not saying they should have balsamic vinagerette on mesculun and bitters, but Iceberg lettuce? Is anyone growing up on fruit cocktail anymore? pre-BRAC environmental clean up where available (which would have to make them less eligible to be R'd or C'd) If I think of more I'll add them here.

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