Monday, January 19, 2004

Dean in Iowa
So far it doesn't look that great for Dean, with 20% reporting I see Kerry, with Edwards close, and a viable, but distant Dr. Dean.

Why did this happen?

People in Iowa want to feel like they are acting responsibly. They have begun to believe the reports on Dean, so they say Kerry is against the war (1), and Kerry has war experience(2), so we will pretend we are party bosses, and vote Kerry.

But what is the truth? The truth is Kerry is a liberal Massachusettes Democrat, while Dean is a conservative Vermont Democrat.

  1. Dean speaks Spanish, this is probably going to be a #1 issue for defeating Bush in marginal states like New Mexico, Arizona and Florida, although I don't actually know how a non-passive personality plays
  2. Dean will not be endorsed by the NRA, but had an A rating from them
  3. Massive list of endorsements, I liked that Gore and Bradley agreed
  4. If the nominee is Kerry, Bush just says "When presented with the same facts, Kerry supported the war"
I want this election to be about these kinds of wars.