Monday, January 26, 2004

Iranian breakdown
Well, first, in case you didn't know, this is a list of Iranian bloggers. Iran's government is almost exactly like President, Executive, Judiciary of America, with a 4th branch, the Clerical/Religious. Their power is a veto over legislation in case it violates their Constitution or the Koran/Sharia. Iran in 2000, with almost no positive press for it, had their Congress change party control from "conservative/clerical" to "liberal." Iranian President Khatami is a "reformer" who has been in power since 1997. Don't read me wrong, Khatami is no saint, but compared to the conservatives, I think he is definitely great. The problem... The Guardian Council has "qualified" 5,000 people to run in the upcoming election, but have not qualified 100s of liberal party candidates. This from Reuters shows that the Guardian Council is not acting nearly quickly enough to qualify the full list of liberal candidates (unless they are handling the tough cases first, which we doubt)
The Guardian Council says it is reviewing more than 3,000 appeals lodged by disqualified candidates and has so far reinstated around 400. It has until January 30 to complete its review of the appeals.

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