Thursday, January 29, 2004

"Imminent" Red Herring
True, Bush never said imminent. He never said antiestablishmentmentarianism, either. But the law that was passed to 'legalize' the invasion of Iraq said that Iraq was an existing threat, not an imminent one. Imminent means it might come soon. Existing means it is already here. So FUCKING what the President didn't call it imminent. The Congress voted, and the President signed a law saying it was far worse than imminent. Don't like my reasoning? Explain yourself. But even without that, we still have the fact that the President was telling Senators that Saddam Hussein HAD the capability to send unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) armed with biological or chemical(nuclear?) weapons, launched from ships nearby the U.S. coastline. That's what the President was scaring the Senate with. Fear-mongers are tyrants, FYI. That's what Bush was lying about to the people that counted. That's not an imminent threat? That's not an outright fabrication? Wake up, Mr. President.

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