Sunday, January 04, 2004

Giving Bush Credit
I am glad President Bush wanted to send a mission to Iran with Senator Elizabeth Dole, and considering that the same President Bush had repeatedly called Iran "evil," (without any sort of qualification, or any type of hedge, implying an absolute and pure evil), I am not surprised that Iran turned the U.S. down. Does anybody not think that the U.S. would likely use the mission for intellgience activities? This morning on C-SPAN I learned about Bush's "Millenium Challange Act" which is supposed to go to aid to foreign governments that aren't police states, and instead are making an honest effort at honest government. The Congress hasn't appropriated anything yet, and I can't imagine that the highly partisan nature of today's politics won't mutate the process (supporting free market countries that are really corrupt, while ignoring politically free but economically controlled societies), but it sounds like a good idea. The President has spent hours and horus of press time talking about tax cuts and wars, but I haven't seen him talk about the MCA, but maybe that's just me.

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