Sunday, January 18, 2004


     I think the deal is that Presidents don't endorse.  But Carter wanted to pseudo-endorse Dean.

     But the media is spinning it the other way...

     Carter doesn't endorse Dean!

     What is the real story?   Well, for starters, President James Earl Carter was not nearly the peacenik in office that most people imagine.  In fact, I argue that President Carter was the only President in Oil American History (post-Theodore Roosevelt) who stood up to the Saudis, and the American people wouldn't stand.  The American people did not care about standing up to the Middle Eastern OPEC leaders (which had far more of a share then, as they will again in the future, than they do now), thanks to the media far more interested whatever easy tripe the media usually doles out.

     I just watched the speech after the church attendance, and it seems to me that Carter is doing his best to endorse, without actually violating Presidential rules and endorsing, Howard Brush Dean III.

     How does the media spin this?  In the vagueness of politics, almost anything can be spun anyway, no?

     Here is an interesting tidbit.  Of the people who were relatives, and Presidents (the Adamses, the Harrisons and the Roosevelts, but not officially the Bushes) were not in the same party.  John Adams=Federalist, John Quincy Adams = Democratic or National Republican, William Henry Harrison, Whig, Benjamin Harrison=Republican, Theodore Roosevelt=Republican or Bull Moose, Franklin Delano Roosevelt=Democrat, George Herbert Walker Bush=Republican, George Walker Bush=Imperial)