Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Fox, Early Morn
I was watching Fox News this morning, 6:12AM. He's the weather person, but he's moderating a conversation between a member of the religious right (fmr Christian Coalition leader) and a relatively witty but sidelined Democrat (got in a good one on the Pres. mentioning 'roid use and endorsing Arnold "Roids 'R Good Food" Schwarzenegger). Then they started bashing Dean, of course. The trick is they are saying he was angry, when he was listing those states. He was screaming, yes, but he was happy, and excited, not angry. But even the Democrat suggested he had been angry. Have you ever been yelled at? I was in the military, and I certainly learned screaming and anger are different things. Of course, the fundamental inaccuracy in the reporting was repeated both by the host and his second, which was that in the State of the Union, the President outlined how he was going to make the country safer. Then they re-aired Leno (Schwarzenegger endorsing Leno) bashing Dean, and all their fake, fake, fake laughter. There is a Judge up there with them, doesn't he feel shame for his fake laughter? I wonder about his internal justification. I hope he shares it with me someday.

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