Thursday, January 29, 2004

Paul, Matt, Brad, and Eugene
First, someone on the Volokh Conspiracy blog makes this absurd statement that Bush is "liberal." The fundamental problem here of course is priorities. I can't say Clinton cut the military budget brilliantly, but Bush has certainly inflated it uncontrollably. Claims somehow that Bush's foreign policy, if you can swallow this, is "Wilsonian." Wilson, you might remember, founded the League of Nations. Bush sent international war criminal (by association) John Negroponte of Iran/Contra fame to be our representative to the United Nations. Bush tends to act like international law does not exist. Certainly Bush's execution of foreign nationals (both Canadian and Mexican) in Texas, violating their rights under the U.S. ratified Vienna Consular Convention of 1968. What was Bush's excuse for being an international murderer? He said Texas hadn't signed that Treaty. Why didn't the press excoriate him, telling this (expletive never inserted) Bush that Texas didn't have to sign the treaty, because it is part of the United States of America. Clinton wasn't famous for clumsy protectionism or massive budget expansion. Compared to the straw man Democrat of Republican imagination, Bush is a great Democrat. I would make the argument that Dean is a great Republican. Against wars based on lies, fiscally sensible and self-constrained, not tied to to any special interests (watch his AG). It is almost absurd that Matt Yglesias would respond to this claim. Paul Krugman says that so far the President hasn't rolled back any of the the New Deal yet. Where has Paul been? What about Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the repeal of most of Glass-Steagal? What about the gutting of PUHCA? These are fundamental building blocks of the New Deal, not just OAS/DI. According to Eisenhower, the people who wanted to repeal the New Deal were a bunch of "stupid" Texas Oil Millionaires and Haroldson Lafayette Hunt (first oil Billionaire, also of Texas). All tending to extremist religious views (heck, their money comes straight from god, right? no work, no sweat, just cash). I like Ike. At least I agree with most of Brad's commenters, who ascribe Matt's seeming naivete to youth. Matt, if Bush is re-elected, we get another war. Think about it. Wouldn't take him even 49% of the vote to think we had endorsed his new plans.

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