Monday, January 05, 2004

I Can See Far?
I watched the State Department breifing today, I hadn't noticed Boucher had been changed. The new guy has a pretty funny "I am being serious face." I am just kidding, of course. I listen with extra-regular interest, for numerous reasons, when the topic is Iran, and I was thinking how that although the Iranians didn't accept Bush's offer of kindness at this time (which the spokesperson mentioned), but that we actually appreciate that about them: independence being part of the bedrock of our nation, and the selfish benefit of saved resources. May all our dialog be as pleasant, and may it not again be over matters so calamitous, Adieu! (unmistakable, in every way) Is this what Zarathustra said to the adder? I don't know, but it sounds like chimes from here.

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