Thursday, January 08, 2004

Let me guess
Yonah Alexander is a pretty ardent supporter of U.S. and Israeli foreign policies? As a "director" at some think tank, seemed to blame the entire existence of Islamic terrorism on the Iranian revolution of 1979. Fuck all to the fact that the Algerian revolution was done by a terrorist campaign that began in the 1950s. Is there some excuse for Alexander not to know that? Of course not, since the Algerian Ambassador to the United States was the second speaker he introduced. First though was the Ambassador from Sri Lanka, a teardrop-shaped, Ohio-sized country off the coast of India. This person called the Tamil Tigers an "international" terrorist movement. Dear readers, the Tamil are an physically distinct looking minority population of the southern part of India and Sri Lanka. It's an indigineously populated rebel movement. Sure, the guns aren't local, they don't make them, so they come from another country, so they are "international." Just like the people who eat Costa Rican beef in their McDonald's burgers are really "international" gourmands. Idriss Jazairy of Algeria spoke next. He is a thoughtful guy in a difficult position. I hadn't heard about his "three phases" of Algerian terrorism, so I'll share. 84-94, GIA-based, 30-50 terrrorists now, targetted at intellectuals, foreigners, possibly been educated by Egyptian teachers Algeria imported to help the country. 94-98 I forget 98-03 150 members of IGCA? Algeria has lost more Muslims that any other country to Al-Qaida, he stated. This guy has my focus.

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