Thursday, January 08, 2004

O'Reilly Lies
Don't worry, Fox viewers, this is not the first time. O'Reilly had lefty pollster John Zogby on, who did an exceptional job describing the polling data he had accurately. Zogby noted that "church attendance" was 25% higher in "red" states than "blue" states. What Fox damn well knows is that it is not a matter of States, but Cities, but that's not the point. Jokingly, O'Reilly said blue state residents didn't attend Church. Actually, if the average in red states is 4 times per moth, then it is 3 times per month in the blue states. Consdidering that GOD DOES NOT EVEN EXIST, and that EVERY RELIGION IS A BUNCH OF LOONY DECEIVERS, I would rather be a blue stater. Sorry that all those christians got brainwashed by their parents. Family Values is a 4,000 year old philosophy, perfect for the son of a President President.

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