Tuesday, January 20, 2004

What I noticed
And I've noticed it before. The Iraqi Governing Council was at the White House today. There was a press conference on the White House property. Do you think there are a lot of people milling about at the White House, or is most everything controlled? Do you think they know which way the sun is going to shine before they put out people? Does the sun come up in a suprising place, most of the time? So when we see the IGC, with the sunlight glaring across their visages, which the worst pick-up(microphone) set-up I've yet heard (although perhaps that's a function of internal IGC bickering (who gets to stand up front)), and in the middle of which, when the Cleric was speaking, a huge machine started making the "backing-up noise" Do you think that accidentally happens when the President is speaking? Dear Fearless Leader Bush, I am trying my bestestest to convince everyone on Earth that we found nukular bombs in Iraq because it is my patriotic duty to make your lies come true but I am getting a little tired. Could you lie a little less? Thanks, Your Humble Servant, Josh

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