Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bush Plays Politics With Your Life
Hezbollah, a group that played a central role in ejecting Isreali troops from Lebanon, has set up schools and hospitals in Southern Lebanon. If there has been a single Hezbollah attack against Israel proper, I would be surprised to learn of it. Hezbollah started with a lot of support from Shi'a Iran. Iran, please note, is really the only center of Shi'a Islam in the world. Despite these long-established facts, and despite the fact that Hezbollah has never threatened nor attacked any U.S. Interests,yet the new counter-terrorism organizatoin chart gives Iran/Hezbollah it's own special set/group/section/division. How come the Department of Justice is failing so miserably at terrorism. Haven't they had two or three years, like me, in the wake of 9/11, to re-analyze what threats exist to Americans? The Bush Administration is playing with your lives. Look under "International Terrorism Operations Section II" under "Deputy Assistant Director Counter-Terrorism(CT) Operations Branch"

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