Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Dispepsic Union
I caught the last 10 minutes of the President's annual Speech to his biggest fans, the U.S. Congress. The President touched on important Republican Party themes such as
    Using the Federal Gov't to control who marries whom

    Using the Federal Gov't to control public school sexual education, preventing the the dissemination of knowledge which might save someone's life

    The support of one 10 year old "Andrea Pearson" for our troops.

I was a bit surprised that support for our troops was limited to this ten year old girl, but I suggest that we
    Keep her away from any news

    Try to dovetail this into support from other 10 year old girls, then maybe we can get some 11 year old ones...

Eventually a large % of pre-teens will feel like Andrea, and we'll only have rational adults to fool.... and we all know eventually they'll all be dead, and the world will only be populated by the ancestors of the girls who are pre-teens today. Right?

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