Thursday, January 15, 2004

Mind Games
The Dean camp, apparently, has spent the last month trying to get ahead of Clark in the few states where Clark was known to be ahead. Meanwhile, in the White House, Rove has realized that a Dean win is bad, so the guns have been going full bore to boost Kerry, who now has a lead only in Iowa, the only place it counts. Maybe I'm being naive, and Kerry cut the deal with Fox. Flip on Fox? You'll see how phenomenonly Kerry is doing and questions on whether this is the death knell for Dean, I'd wager. Actually, CNN is pushing that line even harder than Fox! And certainly MSNBC is. Fascists are so proud of themselves! On my news station, we'd show a national map, and wonder aloud about Kerry's support in Iowa alone looks a lot like a last ditch effort, since he isn't even ahead in his home state. O'Reilly eats my poop.

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