Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hi, I'm a computer programmer. Last night I whipped up a neat-o little program, and you can benefit! The program paints maps of the United States, each state in one color. I did this in just a very few steps
    Find a map of the outlines of the states of the U.S.. I found a great one that didn't have Hawai'i! So I copied that from another map

    Find a point inside each state, so I know where to "bucket fill" for each state. Some states, (ex. Michigan) needed multiple points

    Wrote a tiny perl "Gimp::Fu" script

So, if you have a list of states, and the colors you want them to be, just send them to me in an e-mail (example formats: AK red, AK #FF0099) and I'll send you the image in any format you want. Gzipped .png files are best, though :)

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