Sunday, January 11, 2004

Fox News Can't Afford to Lose
Why should I even say anything that can't be proved? That couldn't, except with the words of a Rupert Murdoch, top of News Corp., parent Corp. of Fox News, or a Roger Ailes, head of Fox News, subsidary of News Corp., in any way be substantiated? Well, you heard it here first? (see comments) There are different levels of disaster for any Democratic victory in '04, although Fox has played gently enough with Clark and Lieberman that most of the following scenario will be muted, but right now it looks like Doctor, Governor, one time Stockbroker, Howard Brush Dean III, is going to be the nominee. I argue that a Dean win would mean the following losses for Fox News, the American flagship of the Murdoch machine commonly known as NewsCorp, but whose legal fictions prevent any precise naming. Just remember "Rupert Murdoch."
    special status with government

    nearly as many White House exclusives

    a surplus of Clinton bashers around (last elected, we ought recall, in 1996)

    a serious blow to their early predictions, that part, at least , I know they will own up to if the event arises

What do all these things mean? They mean, quite simply, that Fox would lose a certain portion of their already inestimable force, and perhaps their lock on #1. What's the value of that? I can only estimate the actual cash value is in the 10s of millions over the short 4 years, and untold riches over the long haul, but, even if it is only 5 million for a 4 year term, in leveraged terms, that's 50, or 100 million, and these are very conservative estimates. Being suddenly without their former power, Fox's suffering is going to be predictably of the "new kid too big for britches" type, and that idea will play well with a lot of people's sensibilities. But the truth is that Murdoch and Ailes pick Republicans to win, with snide, sneering, sniggering talk about Democrats at every turn. Would I want a modern Congressional Democratic agenda passed? I'm not sure. But I'm very sure that their version of most any bill is going to be with a spirit in mind better for the American people, the American land, the American past, the Amerian future, Our American Liberty.

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